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The Quest for Adam's Tomb


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With the passing of Methusela, Only 7 Days remain before a World Wide Judgement will FALL upon ALL who dwell on the FACE of the EARTH. In this Critical hour, the Three son's of NOAH are given a most INCREDIBLE Mission.  They are commanded to find the Lost Tomb of Adam and Eve.  Why? For a STUNNING Reason yet to be revealed?  Their Caskets MUST be brought aboard the ARK of Protection, to be buried in the New World, that will EMERGE from the Epic DELUGE.

These Men, from whom ALL Tribes of MANKIND will be born, will have one last Adventure  before the FIRST Age of Man ENDS.  They will RACE, to complete an almost IMPOSSIBLE QUEST, Against all ODDS...  To Find the LONG Lost TOMB of ADAM

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The Challenge

One of the GREATEST EVENTS in World HISTORY, BECOMES the most EPIC GAME EVER, for Virtual Reality! With NOAH VR: Quest for Adam's Tomb, the game player will experience the Pre-Flood World of NOAH.  Challenges will include facing Fallen Angels, the Giant NEPHILIM, Multitudes of Dinosaurs, EPIC Pre-Flood Creatures of Both LAND and SEA.  In this SINGLE GAME you will...  Fly with Ancient Pterodactyls, Swim with LEVIATHAN, Walk with Behemoth, CLIMB treacherous mountains,  Escape Ancient Trap or Danger Rooms!  Race with speed that will take your breath away, through underground caverns where ravenous creatures seek to devour you! In vehicles created with fallen and forgotten technology.  No matter your preference for VR Or Standard PC?  This MAGNIFICENT QUEST, for the whole FAMILY... HAS IT ALL!




Dr Henry Morris IV

Grand-son of the Illustrious Founder of the Institute for Creation Research!

Henry Has become a TERRIFIC FRIEND and Brother in the Lord, Over these past Two Years.  Henry is Noah VR's Lead Science Advisor and Will guide NOAH VR and its Hundreds and HUNDREDS of Creation Facts the player will encounter in the GAME!  It is a BLESSINGS Beyond WORDS to have Henry on Board!

His Tremendous Creation Science Back Ground, will Help Noah VR become a Video Game FIRST ,for Believers Around the WORLD! THANK YOU HENRY! 

Timothy Klanderud

AR/VR Programming EXPERT 

Tim is an artist who has a great interest in art, games and new technology.

During high school he was recognized for his fabrication skills and started working on drones for James Cameron’s movie Titanic and for the exploration of the steamship RMS Titanic. Once the work was completed he attended a well renowned art school Schuler School of Fine Art. He received training from Hans Schuler Jr

After graduating he became an employee for the United States Department of Defense (DOD), creating simulation and graphics for various agencies (NSA, CIA, DARPA, FBI, Smithsonian, NASA), military branches (USMC, USN, USAF, USA) and allied agency (SDF, MI5, MI6). Later he worked in Tokyo creating commercials and ads for various companies including Hitachi, Honda, Toyota, Toneplus, SAMP, Canon, Sony Ericsson, Nissan, IRC Tire, Kyocera, Japan Rail, JT, Alesion, Michelin, Citizen, Tokyo Star Bank, Isuzu, GE, Samsung, Cadillac, Isuzu, Koso and National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo.



This is a project that we have been waiting for! A game and network for the believers and non-believers that are seeking truth utilizing technology!

The quality of this new VR game is simply superb, and it very well may be a game-changer in the industry.

I came across your photorealistic video for "NOAH VR" and I'm blown away by the attention to detail. It looks incredible!

Shannon C.

Corbin, Kentucky

I feel in my heart it is going to be absolutely amazing. We all know our children love these gaming devices and as a parent I'll feel much better knowing they are playing something so meaningful.

I have Sons

When I  Saw the Graphic where NOAH Prays for his Sons in Hebrew...

I Simply WEPT and PRAYED for my OWN Children

Robert G.


Henry Morris IV 

Director Institute For Creation Research 



Los Angeles California

Michelle B.


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Justin will lead development for NOAHVR 


Everything from level design to system creation, it's a big JOB, But Justin is Experienced and  EXCITED to be the lead on such a FANTASTIC team!

Our Lead Developer has over 15 years of video game ( and systems relating to video game ) development  
It has been his PASSION, to bring stories and experiences to life! We believe the best engine for that task the Unreal Engine 4. He has spent the past several
 years learning and using the UE4.  After all  that time, We can HONESTLY State... it was a BLESSED and Wonderful decision.

He is adept in the following software:
3DCoat, Maya 2014, Reallusion CC3,  Blender and MANY MORE. 
Justin is expert at creating original music for projects, using and mixing many instruments, then bringing them to LIFE, for various undertakings.

Justin is THANKFUL to the LORD for the Opportunity to take on such a Unique Challenge as NOAH VR! 

He works hard each DAY and will Strive ( in Christ ) to bring his VERY BEST to the table!  As a Team we are Confident in the Lord, that with NOAH VR, we are creating something completely NEW, And TRULY GROUNDBREAKING.  A Game that will usher in an era of CHRISTIAN Games and Programming.  With YOUR SUPPORT and PRAYERS,  the LORD is USING USA-LL to help Change the Video Game Industry.  

Tony Martin

Co-Founder, Game Creation, Design and Promotion

Tony has been in video game development since the early 2000’s.  We were able to Co-create the very first ( from the Ground up) Flash animated website For Christians on the internet, at  MyBIBLE Games.  Since that accomplishment, the Lord has seen fit to allow Tony to Partner with Justin Elms, to take Christian Video Games and Apps to the NEXT LEVEL. 


He has also spent over four decades in LOVE and STUDY of God's Word. Having researched in depth , the Flood of Noah, Creationism and evidences for the ABSOLUTE Uniqueness of the Bible.  Along the way discovering the thousands of Manuscripts and Historical facts... That OVERWHELMING Support the Bibles's claim, to be the WORD of GOD to a Lost and Lonely world!  We thank you for your interest and MUCH Needed Assistance, to see NOAH VR Come to LIFE!


PLEASE Support our Fundraiser, and open the FLOOD-GATES ( pun intended!) for Christian Video Game development on ALL LEVELS! THANKS Again and BLESSINGS in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

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Justin Elms:
Lead Developer

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